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Vandevert Genealogy

William Plutarch Vandevert (See Wikipedia for William Vandevert)
Born February 24, 1854 in Cottage Grove, Oregon
Married to Sadie Vincenheller on November 11, 1880 in Jeffersontown, Kentucky
Died February 26, 1944 in Bend, Oregon
Father: Joshua Jackson Vandevert (See photo below)
Mother: Grace Hodgson Clark (See photo below and Wikipedia for Clark Massacre)

Joshua Jackson VandevertGrace Clark Vandevert

Joshua Jackson Vandevert (born Vandervort, changed name at wife's request because his name sounded "too Dutchy")
Born 1822 in Piketown County, Ohio
Married to Grace Hodgson Clark on April 14, 1853 in Coast Fork, OR
(Grace was born December 24, 1826 in Gowthrope, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England. Died February 20, 1875 in Coast Fork, Oregon)
Died July 18, 1910 in Prineville, Crook County, Oregon
Father: James Madison Vandervoort
Mother: Rachel Peters


James Madison Vandervort
Born April 1, 1788 in Loudon County, Virginia
Married to Rachel Peters August 23, 1810 in Pickaway County, Ohio
Died December 16, 1850 in Louisa County, Iowa
Father: Charles Vandevoort
Mother: Unknown

Charles Vandervoort
Born January 18, 1756 in New Brunswick, New Jersey
Married about 1787, wife unknown
Death date and place unknown
Father: Michael Vandervoort
Mother: Jennitje - last name unknown

Michael Vandervoort
Born 1733
Married Jennitje ???? in about 1755
Death date and place unknown
Father: Charel or Charles Vandervoort and Maritie ????

Charel or Charles Vandervoort
Born September 12, 1703 in Bedford, Kings County, Long Island, New York
Married Maritie ???? in about 1730
Died after 1734
Father: John Vandervoort
Mother: Magdelena Huysman

John Vandervoort
Born April 1, 1678 in Bedford, Kings County, New York
Married Magdelena Huysman April 5, 1701 in Hackensack, New Jersey
Died 1721 in Bedford, Kings County, New York
Father: Paulus Michaelse Vandervoort
Mother: Lysbeth Paulus Dircks

Paulus Michaelse Vandervoort
Born January 3, 1648 or 49 in Bedford, Kings County, New York
Married Lysbeth Paulus Dircks in New Jersey in 1672
Died June 2, 1681 in Bedford, Kings County, New York
Father: Michael Pauluszen VanDerVoort
Mother: Maria Jorise Rapalje

Michael Pauluszen VanDerVoort (See Wikipedia article.)
Born about 1615 in Dermonde, Flanders, Belgium
Married Maria Jorise Rapalje November 18, 1640 in New Amsterdam Dutch Church, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York (among the first seven marriages ever recorded in New Amsterdam)
Died prior to September 20, 1692 in Talbot, Maryland
Father: Paulus Michael VanDerVoort
Mother: Unknown

Paulus Michael VanDerVoort
Born about 1580 in Flanders, Netherlands
Father: Artus Paulus VanDerVoort

Artus Paulus VanDerVoort
Born about 1550 in Turnout, North Brabant, Netherlands






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