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Natural Resources Stewardship Plan

Table of Contents

This plan describes the natural resources of the ranch, the challenges and opportunities they present, and the strategies the ranch has adopted, or could adopt, to maintain and enhance them.  Click on the topics shown in color below to link to content.  At the bottom of each page in the plan is a link to the next page.

Executive Summary
Introduction – Scope, History of the Plan, Authors
Stewardship Mission and Objectives

            Location, Ownership, and Governance
            History and Current Use
            Geology and Soils
            Hydrology and Nitrate Loading
            Climate and Growing Season
            Description and History
            Issues and Challenges
            Government Impact
            Strategies and Practices
            Forestland Plans

            Description and History
            Stream Flows
            Trout Habitat
            Government Impact

            Objectives and Strategies

Wildlife Management


                        Boundary, Lots, and River Area Map
                        County Zoning Map Showing Riparian Zone (PDF - Zoom in for Ranch)
                        Plat Maps (Large PDFs)
                        Oregon Soils Map
                        Geologic Cross-Sections Nearby
                        Ranch Soils Map
                        Topo Map for Pond and Berm Project (Large PDF)
                        Forest Stands Map and Summary
                        ODF SB360 Wildfire Risk Map (PDF)
                        River Map - River Miles and Named Points
                        Wetlands Map (PDF)
                             Wetlands Map Abbreviations
                        FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map      
            Natural Resources Description 1991 (Word)
            Government Agencies
            Non-Governmental Organizations
            Geotechnical Report for Pond Area (PDF)
            Ground Water Level Measurements (Excel)
            La Pine High School Forestry Program
            ODF SB 360 Forestland-Urban Interface Standards
            Willow Management Plan
            OWEB Report on Bank Stabilization

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